Property in Africa for Sale

One of the best reasons to invest in property in Africa for sale is the value of many African currencies against those of the first world. A fairly small nest egg in, for example, British pounds, US dollars or the Euro translates into a small African fortune. Property in Africa for sale

Whatever African country you’re interested in, South Africa’s top independent buyers consultancy SAHomeBuyers will give you all the in-depth information you need. For your free non obligatory property consultation contact us by email here or telephone us on + (0) 78 233 1562 to find out more.

Property in Africa for Sale as an Investment – Considering South Africa

South Africa is a favourite for investors considering property in Africa for sale. The currency is currently trading at R9 to the US$ and R14 to the British pound. This doesn’t only affect the cost of buying a property. It also makes the cost of renovations or building from scratch very easy on the budget. Besides, labour and building costs are very competitive.

Then there is the fact that South Africa’s economy is the largest in Africa, and politically it is the most stable. This is even more remarkable given how many first world countries are currently unstable. Also in South Africa’s favour is that it has responsible fiscal policies and a banking system that is well-capitalized. The infrastructure is sound, as are the IT sector and telecommunications.

Property in Africa for Sale – South Africa’s Business Tourism Industry

South Africa has been voted the best Business Tourism destination in the world. It has world class facilities catering to the business executive. The climate in all its diversity is very attractive, and the variety of beautiful scenery is extraordinary. The coastal stretch around the country faces onto the warm Indian Ocean on the east and the colder Atlantic on the west. Spectacular mountain ranges separate the coastal belt from the African Escarpment. The climate ranges from Mediterranean to sub-tropical to semi-desert.
Get Up to Date Information about Property in Africa for Sale

Favourable exchange rates lessen the risk of investing in African property. But prospective buyers still need to ensure they have the best information from a property professional who has only their interests at heart.

If you’re interested in property in Africa for sale, contact SAHomeBuyers for your free and non obligatory property consultation. Email us here or telephone us on + (0) 78 233 1562.

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