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For the prospective buyer seeking the most convenient property finder SA offers a number of options. Real estate agencies, the web, online classifieds and printed media advertising spring to mind. These all have their uses, but they all consume time and energy. And none on its own can provide the buyer with information about the entire market of available properties.

But a buyer’s agent can, because they have access to each and every property for sale. South Africa’s most discerning buyers consultancy is SAHomeBuyers. For your free non obligatory property consultation contact us by email here or telephone us on + (0) 78 233 1562 to find out more.

Internet Portal Property Finder South Africa

Few would argue against this being the age of information. There is more information available to more people about more subjects than ever before. But, regarding the property industry, does any of it really make life easier for the prospective buyer? In principle it does, because accurate information frees you up to make the best choice.

The operative word here is ‘accurate’. And this is where the internet truly lets the buyer down. All information about properties is put out by sellers or sellers’ agents. It has one purpose in mind; to arouse interest and seduce the buyer into putting in an enthusiastic offer.

The positive aspects of a property are highlighted while the less so are played down. That’s the nature of marketing. So a property expert with a sales agenda is probably not the buyer’s best resource. That cuts out all printed media, internet, estate agencies etc.

A More Trustworthy Property Finder South Africa

Ironically, in the internet age, the most trustworthy property finder South Africa can offer a buyer is a human being! A buyer’s agent has information about any property that’s on the market at any time. They look for property on behalf of the buyer, and cover the entire market in their search. Most importantly, they have no sales agenda as they don’t sell property. So they tell the buyer the good and the bad about properties.

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Property finder for South African real estate

Property Finder South Africa


With such an important investment, it’s vital that you have all the information you need from an property professional who only has your interests at heart and has no sales agenda. Contact SAHomeBuyers for your free and non obligatory property consultation. Email us here or telephone us on + (0) 78 233 1562.

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