How to buy a home in South Africa

How to buy a home in South Africa

How to buy a home in South Africa

Interested in buying a home in South Africa, below we have compiled a quick to read and concise “How to buy a home in South Africa” article for you.

  1. Locate a property buyers consultant such as SAHomeBuyers – they will guide you through the entire “How to buy a home in South Africa process.”
  2. Complete a thorough fact finding exercise with your buyers consultant – this should focus very much on your requirements not just for the home but also the area, amenities you require and environment you wish to live in.
  3. Establish a budget – knowing how to buy a home in South Africa means knowing what the total budget is. With extras such as transfer tax and attorneys bills it is essential to know the total costs, not just the property cost.
  4. Locate the area you wish to buy a home in South Africa in. Many people may have an idea of the general area or even more specifically a particular location within that area – but have all areas been considered. Your property consultant will be happy to drive you around and introduce areas to you – making sure you know you have taken into account all possible considerations.
  5. Start the home search – this is where you start to look for specific properties. It is a virtual impossibility to track down all advertised (listed and private) homes you would be able to consider buying in South Africa. Ensure your buyers consultant offers a complete search – private and listed as well as developer properties. Also, if inclined look yourself and suggest properties to your buyers consultant – they will prefer your input.
  6. Shortlist – your buyers agent will prepare a short-list for your consideration. Pointing out the good and bad and making suggestions as to their suitability.
  7. Viewings – once the short-list is prepared your buyers consultant will arrange the itinerary for viewings. This should include not just the properties but important landmarks and amenities round them and they should / must accompany you on all viewings to ensure you have their input.
  8. Re-evaluation – this can happen at any stage and do not be frightened to re look at what your criteria is. The deeper into the process you go, the more you understand about how to buy a home in South Africa and what type of properties and areas are available the more precise you can be about your requirements. Consultants will welcome and encourage this – and you will end up with exactly what you are looking for not a compromise.
  9. Make an offer to purchase – once that dream home to buy has been found its time to make an offer to purchase. Be aware these are legally binding agreements on which the house purchase is based. Do not ever complete one without input from a buyer consultant and legal expert.
  10. Negotiate – your property consultant will have access to all the historical data and local knowledge to ascertain the true value of the home you wish to buy. They will negotiate for you in an unemotional way and often save you considerable sums.
  11. The legalities – once the offer has been accepted the attorneys move in – or rather in South Africa the attorney moves in. Ensure you have an attorney who acts for you and in your interests. Important-  the one appointed attorney is simply there to process the sale – not act in your interests. Your buyers consultant should have this included in their service.
  12. Moving in – Knowing how to buy a home in South Africa – is not the end of the story. All amenities need connecting, maybe you need a gardener or maid or help with another home related item. Again your buyers consultant should help – their job is not complete until you are sat in your garden or on your balcony enjoying the view and toasting your new home!

We hope our “How to buy a home in South Africa” article has been useful but if you need more in-depth information you can contact a buyers consultant here.

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