Houses on Sale in South Africa

Houses to buy in South AfricaPhilosophers say there’s an upside to every disaster, and the variety of houses on sale in South Africa seems to prove them right. Of course, those with houses to sell may not see it in the same light! In South Africa, the buyer is still in a very strong position. Particularly buyers with access to capital.

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Houses on Sale in South Africa – a Wide Range of Geographical Choice

South Africa is almost half the size of the largest country in Africa (Algeria) but it is still large and has a wide diversity of geography and climate. If you’re looking at houses on sale in South Africa you have a choice between coastal, mountain and plateau.

The coastal properties are either on the Indian Ocean or on the colder Atlantic. This belt ends in spectacular mountains and valleys. Beyond is the plateau that forms the interior. The climate ranges from Mediterranean in the south west to subtropical in the east to Highland subtropical inland.

Houses on Sale in South Africa – a Country with World Cities

Cape Town has long been seen as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, easily rivalling cities such as Rio de Janiero. Johannesburg was recently picked by the author of Global Wealth Report 2012 as one of the future world cities. Along with cities such as New York and London.

Johannesburg’s Sandton is South Africa’s financial and economic hub. This makes it a prime destination for foreign corporates. And that means the luxury residential property market in Johannesbug has a rosy future. This spills out into other cities, such as Cape Town, because of the ease of travel.

All you Need to Know about Houses on Sale in South Africa

If you want to buy property here the variety can be daunting. A buyer’s agent such as SAHomeBuyers will tell you all about the different regions and help you make a choice. Contact us for your free and non obligatory property consultation. Email us here or telephone us on + (0) 78 233 1562. We’ll tell you everything there is to know about houses on sale in South Africa.

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