Flats for Sale in Cape Town South Africa

The highest density of flats for sale in Cape Town South Africa is on the spectacular Atlantic Seaboard. Cape Town lies on a peninsula separating the Indian and Atlantic oceans. Mountains run the length of the peninsula and at the northern end they create a semi-amphitheatre which holds the city centre.

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Flats for Sale in Cape Town South Africa – the City’s Riviera

Parts of the Atlantic Seaboard are affectionately known as Cape Town’s Riviera. This gorgeous section of coast has apartments ranging from luxury to moderate in size and price.flats for sale in cape town south africa
A bachelor flat in Sea Point can cost as little as R895 000. A 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartment in the same area with windows all around will cost just under R1.9 million. A luxury 3 bedroom penthouse apartment in the Waterfront will fetch R65 million.

Flats for Sale in Cape Town South Africa – City Bowl and Suburbs

Prices in the city bowl start at R280 000 for a 2 bedroom apartment. A studio apartment in the financial district will fetch about R550 000. At the other extreme, a 3 bedroom, modern luxury penthouse with glorious views will go for just under R11 million.

The northern and southern suburbs also have a range of flats for sale. In the south a 1 bedroom in Rondebosch costs about R450 000 and a more luxury 2 bedroom penthouse in the more upmarket Claremont can go for about R7.9 million. Entry level in the northern suburbs is a 1 bedroom in Bellville for R250 000, whilst a 3 bedroom luxury apartment in Milnerton costs approximately R12 million.

Get the Best Information about Flats for Sale in Cape Town South Africa

With such an important investment it’s imperative that a buyer receives unbiased information about what is available. Your SAHomeBuyers consultant will tell you that and inform you about the different areas and their amenities. Contact us for your free and non obligatory property consultation. Email us here or telephone us on + (0) 78 233 1562 and we’ll give you the most comprehensive information about flats for sale in Cape Town South Africa.

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